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[VIDEO] Ridiculous throw / armbar combo from Jeff Lawson

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted June 19th, 2013

Check out Jeff Lawson, a good friend of Scramble (and owner of Ippon Gym) at the Bournemouth Open last weekend.

You can clearly see Jeff’s high level judo background, as well as his creativity, on display.


[VIDEO] Amazing display of BJJ, Judo & Wrestling

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted December 7th, 2012

From Dave Camarillo.

BJJ, wrestling and judo drills all flowed into one slick black belt presentation.



[VIDEO] Korean Judo Team Training for London Olympics 2012

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted September 12th, 2012

I was pretty impressed with the South Korean team’s performance at London 2012. They had a few really good guys who seemed to have gas for days, relentless in their attacks.

This is a very well put together promo on the team, put together by Adidas.

Check it out!


Scramble Grip Trainers are now on sale!

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted April 11th, 2012

Check em out!

Scramble Grip Trainers

Don’t you hate it when a really big guy with an awesome moustache shakes your hand and crushes it into dust? Don’t you wish you had a grip like Tom Selleck?
Well now you can have the grip to end all grips thanks to the Scramble Grip Trainer.
We put our heads together for quite a while to come up with the simplest way to make the most effective grip trainer. And this is the result. It’s made from strong 550gsm pearl weave BJJ kimono fabric, and it attaches easily to pullup bars and kettlebells and similar items.
Practice your lapel grip, spider guard grip, pistol or joystick grip… the possibilities are endless. Whatever grip you can do on your opponent, you can do on this.
Improve grip strength for jiu jitsu, judo, no gi and even MMA with the Scramble Grip Trainer.
Please note this product comes with a disclaimer which must be read and understood before use. Purchasing this product indicates you agree to follow the guidelines and recommendations on the disclaimer.
Each order receives a pair of grip trainers, that is two (2) grip trainers