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[VIDEO] BJJ Hacks Episode 4.3 Alliance / GiGi Paiva

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted May 6th, 2014

More solid work from the BJJ Hacks “team” (which is actually mostly just roving Welshman Hywel Teague.)

Brought to you by us!

New gear online now!


[VIDEO] Fightland Japan: Kyoji Horiguchi

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted May 2nd, 2014

I loved this video.

I have known about Kyoji Horiguchi for a while, he’s been on a tear in Japan for quite a while and is at the beginning of his UFC campaign.

Watch this video for insight into his training, life, and the Krazy Bee gym in Japan, home of Yamamoto Kid, Kotetsu Boku, and more.

Shit, I can’t wait to go to Japan in August.


[VIDEO] BJJ Hacks Episode 4.2: Michael Langhi

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted April 30th, 2014

More awesomeness from BJJ Hacks. Michael Langhi of Alliance.


[VIDEO] BJJ HACKS – Alliance / Fabio Gurgel!

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted April 28th, 2014

It’s that time of the month again! Our partners in crime BJJ Hacks are back with another instalment of your favourite BJJ webshow. Enjoy!


More Exercise Variations for Grapplers and MMA fighters : Peaking Focus

by William Wayland ~ posted April 23rd, 2014

Scramblers do you need a little variety in your workout? Got a big competition coming soon? Sick of front squatting every session? (if you are not already you probably should be) When it comes to getting MMA fighters and Grapplers ready for action we employ a few common variations to try and get a little more out of them while keeping technical burden low especially when peaking requires so much from fighters. The key thing about peaking is aiming for higher velocities rather than high force. Give these variations a go. We perform most of this work for 3-4 sets of 6 reps at around 20-55% loading.

Sled/Prowler High Pull, we use this high pull variation for peaking for rapid hip action, no eccentric means its less stressful than snatch grip high pull work we use during out heavier lifting phases. We always try aim for fight-weight or more on this exercise.

Staggered Stance Zercher Good Morning, these kick your ass literally, require a huge degree of bracing which is rough on the core, plus it really targets the hamstring glute complex on the extended leg.

Depth drop clusters, currently a favourtie for peaking just as little as 20% of your 1 rep max is needed for high power outputs.

¬†Kneeling Jump Clusters, the very springy Craig Powell doesn’t have more than one box at his regular gym so he performs kneeling jumps to box jumps, the kneeling start encourages quickness and the replicates a depth drop effect. More on that here.

Light French Contrast, (original method discussed here)this is a peaking variation we use in the springiest of our athletes. Once you have exhausted the options box jumps, depth drops and other methods offer you, you can look to employ this. Conventional french contrast asks for 80% loading, but for peaking we want very high velocities so we can look at much lighter loads.

This is an ongoing series of articles from guest blogger and Strength & Conditioning coach William Wayland of Powering Through, who works with UFC, Cagewarriors and other high level combat athletes based in Chelmsford, UK.

Important Note about our Kubi Bukuro backpack

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted April 22nd, 2014

A few months ago, we released the Kubi Bukuro backpack. It was almost as an experiment, (albeit one we took very seriously) to see how the BJJ / martial arts community would respond to a bag developed and produced by Scramble.

We put many weeks of work into refining the bag into something we would find useful as martial artists.

To our surprise and excitement, the bag stock basically sold out within the first couple of weeks.

As we do with all products, we put the samples through vigorous testing. We used the bags for training, taking things back and forth to the office, including multiple gis, laptops, lunchboxes and the severed heads of our enemies. The samples held up great. The first sample I used many months ago is still going strong today. We ventured into full production and sold all the bags.

Unfortunately it seemed a not insignificant percentage of the bags went on to experience some kind of technical fault. Ever since the bags were sold out, we get emails every day asking when they will be back in stock. The answer is, when we have fixed them.

We have now fixed the two main issues (weakness in the shoulder strap and the rubber zip pulls.) We now have a very limited amount of improved stock which we are going to use to replace the bags of every customer who contacted us with issues. Once those customers are looked after, we will take full delivery of a batch of improved bags and put them up for sale again.

It should be noted that most customers had absolutely no problem with their bags.

We will announce when the new stock for general sale is available in the next few weeks.



Kazushi Sakuraba in Scramble gi

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted April 16th, 2014

Check this out! Spotted on the news feed of our friends at Carpe Diem BJJ in Tokyo.

Sakuraba’s recent pro-wrestling storylines involve him fighting in a gi. So he wore the custom Scramble gi we made him at the gym for a photoshoot for a magazine.

How exciting! Such wow! Many fight!

[VIDEO] Shinya Aoki and Imanari rolling, Kikuno crazy karate striking!

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted April 3rd, 2014

I stumbled on this old video from our good friend Dan Herbertson, who helped us to film most of the “Grappling Dummies” series.

It has some pretty good footage of Shinya Aoki training grappling with Masakazu Imanari, followed by Katsunori Kikuno showing off his karate style and destroying a training partner with strict karate punches.

The end has some amusing shenanigans from a couple of TV comedians.

Check it out and share it if you enjoy.


Metamoris 3: Thoughts

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted April 1st, 2014

Now I’m comfortably past the big 3-0 (I’m 31), I need my sleep. It’s days later and I am still recovering from staying up until 3:45am on Saturday to watch Metamoris 3 live.

It was, however, entirely worth it.

Metamoris 3 felt entirely different to the first two. Gone was the hard sell, Gracie propaganda from the Gracie brothers, Ryron and Rener. Thankfully, they removed the judges and restored the ruleset to its  initial form Р20 minutes, no points, vaguely IBJJF specific rules.

Despite an initial hiccup on the stream that caused a tidal wave of abuse on the Metamoris facebook page (not in any way aided by the Metamoris team posting an all-caps rage DO NOT EMAIL US WITH QUESTIONS DOUCHEBAGS), when the stream got underway, quality was crisp and clear. Zak Maxwell and Sean Roberts opened proceedings with a fairly entertaining back and forth match. I am a big fan of Sean Roberts since seeing him on the Brown Belt Kumite.

Gui Mendes came out next and was in full terminator mode. I’ve never met Gui Mendes but I would imagine if I did, he’d cause most of my internal organs to freeze then shatter in a million pieces while staring directly through my eyes and into the dark recesses of my soul. That guy is intense.

Lister vs. Sobral did not disappoint. Sobral (winner of most-high-pitched-voice-guy that you don’t want to fuck with) really brought it to Dean. Dean Lister hasn’t been submitted in competition in 17 years, apparently, which is LUDICROUS. That will do strange things to a man. Strange things like lying on your side with one arm up, inviting a veteran wrestler / MMA fighter to latch on a pretty deep D’Arce choke. Lister just seems bored by it all now. I imagine he will end up like Christopher Walken in the Deer Hunter, playing Russian Roulette and boozing. In fact that’s pretty much what he’s doing now, only he’s trading bullets for subs. Dean was puffing pretty hard by the end of it but I get the impression he didn’t take it that seriously.

Keenan Cornelius vs. some guy who wasn’t Vinny Maghalaes. (Just kidding, utmost respect for the guy who stepped in on 30 mins notice and proceeded to flatten Keenan twice with some very nice trips.) It was an interesting fight but when Keenan wanted to turn it on, he did. And when he locked up a heel hook, unsurprisingly, last-minute-replacement guy didn’t fancy having most of his tendons severed, and tapped out nice and early.

Rafael Mendes came out next to face Clark Gracie. Clark’s gameplan was, clearly, AVOID THE FUCKING BERIMBOLO. And he did very well indeed. Not many people in the world can stand up to the relentless back attack of the man who is probably one of the greatest jiu jitsu fighters walking the planet today. But Clark did, and caused Rafa to actually work up a sweat in a match, something that hasn’t actually happened since 1973. (Not really.)

With a string of entertaining matches in the books, the main event was up next. I can only imagine the insane amount of pressure both athletes must have felt leading up to this bout. Such a long time in the making and with so many eyes on both competitors, so much potentially riding on it. To see Eddie coming out with the Scramble logo on his back sent shivers of excitement up my spine. I also spotted Jean Jacques Machado in Eddie’s corner wearing the Eddie Bravo T-shirt we made – that too was a huge thrill. I am a massive fan of Jean Jacques.

You’ve all seen the match – it was epic. The beginning looked similar to the first bout with a very flexible Royler doing a knee slide pass from hell on Eddie, but the moment Eddie got that first electric chair sweep, I was up and jumping on my sofa with excitement. The match carried on like that, backwards and forwards, with Eddie doing the majority of the attacking, and Royler’s flexibility the only thing that stood between him and the total annihilation of his groin and knees.

Eddie had Royler so badly locked up at the end, I think that if he were a vindictive or even violent person, he could have twisted Royler’s knee right round the wrong way, Imanari-style. I am thankful that he didn’t. As it was, the end of the bout was nothing but good vibes – tremendous relief on the faces of both competitors, and an overwhelming sense of positivity and achievement.

That was, until Ralek Gracie lumbered into view (complete with bizarre Japanese elementary schoolboy outfit) and took to the mic to mumble something about a rubber match. You could see the entire place collectively groan with a marketing-weary sigh – give it a rest, buddy. Two men had just poured their heart and souls into a bout and your only response is to follow the dollar signs in your eyes and ask them to do it all over again. No thank you.

Despite that little setback, it was by far one of the most exciting things I have ever watched live, even more enjoyable than most of the UFCs I have watched. I can’t wait for the next.

Don’t forget you can buy the Eddie Bravo t-shirt that Eddie’s crew were wearing here (UK / WORLD) and here (USA).

There was also some shenanigans between Royce and Eddie after the fight, detailed by Fighters Only magazine here. Personally I used to be a massive Royce fan, but after his second bout with Sakuraba and the general weird attitude he seems to have these days, I am much less of a fan.

[VIDEO] BJJ Techniques from Japan: Tsuyoshi Tamaki of Carpe Diem BJJ

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted March 31st, 2014

We’re very pleased to count Tsuyoshi Tamaki as a Scrambler. He’s a great guy with one of the best attitudes in the sport and we are confident it’s only a matter of time before he gets the results he wants on the world stage. He recently took bronze in adult brown belt at the Pan Ams.


Check out Carpe Diem BJJ’s Vimeo page and subscribe for more techniques. (There’s a couple of techniques here too by Tsuyoshi’s team mate, Masahiro Iwasaki, too.)


#20″Omoplata from the spider guard” from CARPE DIEM BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU on Vimeo.

#19″Triangle from the spider guard” from CARPE DIEM BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU on Vimeo.

#18″Sweep from the half spider” from CARPE DIEM BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU on Vimeo.

#10″Getting out of lockdown” from CARPE DIEM BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU on Vimeo.

#11 “Getting out of knee shield” from CARPE DIEM BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU on Vimeo.