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Ben Dyson wins the ‘No Guts, No Glory’ tournament.

by Matt M ~ posted August 24th, 2016

Congrats to Scrambler Ben Dyson who won the ‘No Guts, No Glory’ invitational last weekend.

Ben is clearing up on the UK competition scene at the moment with wins at the Newaza Challenge UK, Polaris 3 and now this event. Ben trains out of Ippon gym in Bournemouth and he is a Roy Dean brown belt.

We’re looking forward to seeing him continue his run of competition success in the near future.


Newaza Challenge UK full highlights

by Matt M ~ posted August 17th, 2016

We posted about this event a week or so ago and are happy to be able to share the full video highlights.

We were lucky to have two Scramblers enter the competition and one of them; Ben Dyson from Ippon Gym in Bournemouth and a Roy Dean brown belt won the entire event.

Watch the full highlights below to see some absolute badassery in action.

Half Guard technique video by Scrambler Fred Greenall

by Matt M ~ posted August 15th, 2016

Check out this cool little half guard video by Fred Greenall from Positive Options Check out more of what Fred does on the Positive Options facebook page.

Scrambler Masakazu Imanari vs Denny Prokopos at Polaris 4

by Matt M ~ posted August 11th, 2016

Once again we are looking forward to sponsoring Polaris 4 with their upcoming show on the 29th October 2016. This will be held at the Lighthouse in Poole, Dorset, UK and will feature some of the best grapplers in the world competing in a supermatch format.

The first announced match is between the feared ‘Ashikan Judan’ Masakazu Imanari and Eddie Bravo’s first black belt; Denny Prokopos. This is sure to be an exciting match and we can’t wait to see some of the rest of the lineup planned.

You can find out more about Polaris by following them on Facebook, Instagram and watch some of the previous events on YouTube.

Newaza Challenge UK intro

by Matt M ~ posted August 9th, 2016


Really excited to see the full highlights of the Newaza Challenge London. This was won by Scrambler and Roy Dean brown belt ; Ben Dyson from Ippon Gym in Bournemouth.


by Matt M ~ posted August 5th, 2016

Scrambler Tom Breese and a Hammer

by Matt M ~ posted August 1st, 2016

Congrats to UFC welterweight and Scrambler Tom Breese on winning both his division and the open at Kleos grappling last weekend. Prize for the absolute was an amazing Mad Max themed war hammer.

New Gi’s, much excite.

by Matt M ~ posted July 28th, 2016

We’re looking forward to getting these bad boys in stock very shortly.

The black standard issue is identical to the white standard issue with the same patch pack. Depending on how popular it is we may make different colourways in the future! IBJJF legal dependant on where the patches are placed.

The navy athlete 2 is made to the same specification as the other athlete’s and is a lightweight but durable gi ideal for competing in, and it’s IBJJF legal!

Scrambler Ben Dyson wins the Newaza Challenge London!

by Matt M ~ posted July 18th, 2016

A massive congratulations to Scrambler Ben Dyson who won the inaugural Newaza Challenge in London this weekend. This was an 8 man knockout, no-gi, no time limit, sub only tournament held at SENI 2016.

There were some great matches and some exciting finishes.

Full results:

Bradley Hill beats Arya Esfandmaz via verbal submission

Ben Dyson beats Sam Green via kimura.

Jamie Scott beats Michael Hawkins via heel hook.

Tom Breese gets a bye due to Paddy Pimblett being late.

Semi finals:

Ben Dyson beats Bradley Hill via Japanese necktie.

Tom Breese beats Jamie Scott via shoulder lock from the back.


Ben Dyson beats Tom Breese by kneebar in the final.


In a special superfight, Oliver Tazo beats Paddy Pimblett via heel hook.

Oli Geddes – Footlock Mastery

by Matt M ~ posted July 14th, 2016

Scrambler and Roger Gracie blackbelt; Oli Geddes has just released his Footlock mastery instructional.

As well as being a prolific competitor with over 600 tournament matches, Oli is one of the best instructors we know.

This instructional is based strictly on IBJJF legal techniques from white belt and above. For beginners, it’s a very good, detailed look at an often neglected submission technique. More advanced players will enjoy the positions Oli shows – including the 50/50, outside hook ankle lock and the overhook x-guard.

Check out some reviews below:


You can purchase by following the link below: