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Scramble TV: Nakamura Daisuke Mixtape and Inverted Guard Pass to Backtake

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted June 4th, 2013

I recently got back from Japan and while there managed to do a lot of cool stuff.

This is the first of many cool things to come.

I spent a few days with Scrambler Daisuke Nakamura. Not only a great guy and a great instructor, but a phenomenal jiu jitsu player.

Enjoy a few minutes of rolling and music followed by a very smooth counter to the inverted guard that ends with you on your opponent’s back.

You also get a pretty good look at the Athlete kimono in action!



by Clean Dean ~ posted September 10th, 2012

Yesterday, Scrambler Nakamura Daisuke took gold in the Lightweight division at the East Japan Adidas Cup 2012 after submitting Toru Nakayama with an old-school wrist lock.

It was pretty eerie to watch the match. The large gymnasium had been roaring with sound all morning, but everything turned dead quiet the second Nakamura stepped onto the mats.

Nakamura has established himself as, hands down, the best competitor in Japan and I can’t to see him make a run at the international level.

[VIDEO] Scramble’s Adventures in Tokyo 2012

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted July 31st, 2012

Scramble Matt took a trip to Tokyo recently and this is the result.

It’s basically me getting my butt kicked at three jiu jitsu classes.

I can’t say enough great things about the fight community in Tokyo – so helpful, friendly, welcoming – not to mention tough.

I visited Rikako Yuasa at Jewels BJJ class, Nakamura Daisuke at Grabaka, and Hiroyuki Abe at AACC gym for a spot of no gi / catch. Ouch!

I had visions of much more footage of Tokyo but sadly it rained most of every day which limited the amount of filming I could do. So just enjoy gratuitous jiu jitsu rolling.

Hiroyuki Abe
Daisuke Nakamura

I highly recommend visiting all three if you find yourself in Tokyo.

Special thanks to Kinya Hashimoto and Takehiro Iso for looking after me during the trip.

Bulgarian Voices
Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble



Jewels MMA Studio @ Muse


[VIDEO] Nakamura Daisuke: 3x All Japan Black Belt Champion!

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted July 30th, 2012

Nakamura Daisuke, fighting out of Grabaka in Tokyo, is probably the toughest BJJ fighter in Japan right now. And he’s wearing Scramble on his back. That makes us incredibly proud.

Last weekend he won the All Japan tournament (black belt, featherweight) for the THIRD YEAR RUNNING. He also bagged the Absolute gold, which I think makes him 2x absolute champ, too. That’s an incredible achievement. Oh, and he is also old enough to be in the Masters category, too…

If you have the time, please watch these fights. You can see the heart, skill and technique need to win – very inspirational. There are times when Daisuke looks tired or in trouble, yet he keeps pushing forwards.


Videos below…


Nakamura Daisuke reppin’ Scramble in Tokyo!

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted May 4th, 2012

Nakamura Daisuke, our Japanese Scrambler, recently took gold in the black belt, pena (featherweight) class at the Dumau Tokyo Open.

I’m looking forward to training with Nakamura-san next time I go to Japan!