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Ed Ingamells, November 2012

I started training BJJ towards the end of 2009. I was living in Lincoln and had to make a 3 hour round trip to train with a local brown belt. After a few months I moved to Wales where I began training with Chris Rees in Cardiff and Swansea. It was there that I began to compete on a regular basis thanks to the strong competition team at the academy and haven't stopped since.

Unfortunately, after about a year and a half I had to relocate to London, where I spent a brief 6 months training at RGA Ladbroke Grove, continuing to compete wherever possible, before having to move once more, and landing at Mill Hill BJJ with Nick Brooks.

I've been training at Mill Hill since February, and have just recently received my purple belt from Roger Gracie and Nick Brooks. I'm surrounded by elite grapplers at Mill Hill and I feel I'm in the right place to get to the next level and beyond with my jiu-jitsu. I've won a number of competitions at white and blue belt, including gold at the British Open at both belts, along with a silver at blue in the British NoGi. My biggest achievement so far is winning the NAGA Europe purple cruiserweight division in Paris, just 6 days after getting my purple belt!

I will be heading out to Lisbon in January to compete at the European Championships, and looking to compete at some of the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials as well. I'd also love to have a shot at the Mundials in the summer, and compete in Brazil.