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Tom Hardy Spotted in Scramble

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted October 30th, 2015

British actor Tom Hardy, famous for playing a load of flippin’ nutcases including Bane and Bronson, wore Scramble at a recent launch party for Triumph Motorcycles.

There were many high fives exchanged around Scramble HQ.

He’s wearing the Strong Beard t-shirt, which you can find here.



[VIDEO] Mac Lethal releases new music video, wears Scramble, talks fast

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted November 4th, 2014

One of the most suprising and enjoyable recent developments at Scramble is discovering we have a fan in Mac Lethal.

Mac Lethal is a ridiculously talented rapper, and he also trains jiu jitsu.

He’s wearing our Jiu Jitsu Letterman jacket and our Peace through Superior Subs sweater in his latest music video.

Check  it out yourself before you rickety-wreck yourself (yep, I can rap too.)


Kazushi Sakuraba in Scramble gi

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted April 16th, 2014

Check this out! Spotted on the news feed of our friends at Carpe Diem BJJ in Tokyo.

Sakuraba’s recent pro-wrestling storylines involve him fighting in a gi. So he wore the custom Scramble gi we made him at the gym for a photoshoot for a magazine.

How exciting! Such wow! Many fight!

[VIDEO] Jiu Jitsu Priest Gunma Open

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted October 21st, 2013

Check out the latest Jiu Jitsu Priest video, which features some pretty gratuitous Scramble wearing.

Thank you so much Kinya-san for believing in our brand.


The Raspberry Ape tests out the Scramble Grip Trainers!

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted February 11th, 2013

We stumbled across this amazing blog post from the Artist Formely Known as Scrambler Dan Strauss.

Some choice highlights in his review of the Scramble Grip Trainer:


Who gives a shit how they look?




As you can see when looped through correctly they were shockingly strong (the hard you pull the stronger they get).


There’s also a hilarious video. Dan loves to break stuff, that’s for damn sure, but he has some real trouble getting the grip trainers to split.


Buy them here! Scramble Grip Trainers


Scramblers at the IBJJF International Open & Euro No Gis

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted October 23rd, 2012

We had a superb weekend at the London International Open (GI) and the European No Gi Championships, laid on by the IBJJF in Crystal Palace, London.

The new ranked rash guard was in full effect and spotted numerous times through the day and across all divisions.

Best of all we were able to meet Scramblers old and new and watch the Scramble team in action.

Without further ado:

Oli Geddes

Oli’s black belt competition life consists of being thrown at the wolves again and again. Wait, scratch that. He throws himself at the wolves. Black belt? C’mon! It’s crazy. We’ve known him since he was a purple belt and now here he is fighting people called Bernardo and Souza and who have had black belts longer than he has been training. (In some cases.) We watched Oli fight over the weekend and he did superbly, holding his own against some world class competitors. The smile never lost his face (except when he had to cut a few hundred grams in a few minutes) and he always had a hello for everyone who stopped to shake his hand. It would often take him 20 minutes to move 5 metres due to the sheer amount of greetings he had to dish out. Oli took home three bronzes over the weekend.


Adam Adshead

Adam travelled all the way down from just outside Manchester to fight in his first ever no-gi event. Like an absolute boss he calmly took care of business and went home the brown belt European champion. Top work, Adam! Check out his gym Factory BJJ if you’re in the area.


Hannah Gorman

The “She Beast” had some amazing fights on Sunday in the no gi, after having travelled all night on an overnight coach with little to no sleep. She lost a narrow fight on advantages in the final of her weight, and then beast-moded a couple of people to get to the final of the open weight. I was exhausted just watching so I have no idea how she managed to do it. She also did it all in style, wearing the Meerkatsu x Scramble special edition ranked rash guard – oh, and she went #fullspats. Read all about her two silver medals on her blog.


Simone Francheschini

Aside from having an epic Italian name, Simone is friend and training partner of Andrea Verdemare, one of our long time Scramblers. Both are black belts fighting out of Cyclone jiu jitsu in Italy. Simone is a very talented black belt and took home third place in the featherweight division. There was a little bit of strangeness in one of his fights, where his opponent carried on cranking a foot after the referee said stop, injuring him, and then attacked the foot again on the restart. But still, it’s all experience and he took third place. Andrea, Simone and the Cyclone team were very friendly and I look forward to meeting them again next time.


Jordan Baddi

We’ve been in touch with Jordan for a while so it was great to finally meet him. He just got back from training at the Mendes brothers academy in the USA, and it showed. Jordan was berimboling his way around the mat, but he also had a fierce determination that showed through, scrambling for takedowns in the dying seconds of one of his matches. We’re happy to have Jordan representing Scramble. He took silver in purple light feather on both days. 


Lena Zenkevich

Lena is one of our best customers, located deep in Mother Russia. It was great to be able to meet her in person. She’s super humble and nice off the mat, and a super-beast on the mat, which is absolutely our favourite kind of person. She won her division and got third in open weight.


Miha Perhavec

Last but definitely not least is the great Miha Perhavec, who travelled all the way from Slovenia to fight. Miha is a blue belt who trains under a purple belt and fights whenever he can. I was struck by his amazing English, and really admired his character. He obviously trains hard and is very serious about competing. It was a pleasure to watch him fight all day, usually against bigger and stronger opponents. By the end of the open weight fights he had a small cheering section in the crowd who cheered him on as he scored points on larger fighters. Miha took home two bronzes and did himself and his instructor proud. I’m looking forward to seeing him wear Scramble and have more tough fights.



There were plenty of other people wearing Scramble – thanks! Check out the IBJJF pics by Meerkatsu here.

[VIDEO] Rainbow Spats Spotted in the Wild! Well, Germany…

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted September 28th, 2012

We were tweeted this video of Martin Buschkamp doing what people wearing rainbow spats tend to do – beating people up in style.

Check it out!


[VIDEO] Oli Geddes on BudoVideos This Week in BJJ Podcast

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted September 12th, 2012

Oli Geddes American tour is going pretty well. Lots of training, lots of competing, lots of Scrambling.

He made it to the Budo Videos HQ to film a podcast with them. It’s very entertaining, I had it on in the background while I played Minecraft. I couldn’t have been a bigger nerd at that particular moment in time. My cool points were drastically reduced. Luckily, no one saw me. So I got away with it.

Oli talks about his tour, what it’s like training with the big names in the UK (Roger, Braulio, Victor) and his philosophy on how he is developing his game as a black belt. He’s also wearing the out-of-print Jiu Jitsu Zoku tee, which is badass. With a bonus half guard sweep to mount technique thrown in for good measure.


[VIDEO] BJJ Gi Collector in Japan with over 300 gis

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted August 16th, 2012

Do you know Jiu Jitsu Priest? If you’re a BJJ nerd, you really should.

Kinya Hashimoto from Japan produces hour-long shows packed with loads of awesome jiu jitsu content – interviews, fights, techniques etc. It’s all in Japanese but that’s fine because I speak Japanese so there.

Even if you don’t, your eyeballs still work don’t they?!

In the latest instalment, Kinya visits Osaka to talk to a guy who seems to have the biggest collection of gis anywhere.

And lo and behold, one of the first gis that gets pulled out is the Scramble Ichiban! There’s plenty of other interesting stuff in there too.

Skip to around 6:50 for some Ichiban action!


Too Much Awesome – Oli Geddes update

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted August 7th, 2012

OK, I come into the office this morning and I see a new instructional video from Oli Geddes. 

He’s been churning them out on his YouTube channel (which you should subscribe to) as he travels North America. 

I watch it and it’s pretty good – he’s using the sitting / hook guard thing that I have been using lately, but turning it into overhook X guard / Lagarto guard, and then going for a footlock. I often get stuck trying to sweep from there so I decide to try it next time I train.

Then I checked out facebook to see Oli had shared a link to Graciemag, where he got great coverage of his fights from the Toronoto open. He got beaten by a guy in the weight finals, then beat him in the open weight.

So I watch the match, and he busts out the exact move I’d just seen him instructionalising. Superb.

Here’s the instructional:

Here’s the fight:

Pic courtesy IBJJF