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On location in Tokyo with Scrambler Rikako Yuasa

by Matt M ~ posted September 8th, 2016

Scramble x Judge Dredd coming soon.

by Matt M ~ posted September 2nd, 2016


Read more about our latest collaboration here


Masakazu Imanari on Polaris 4

by Matt M ~ posted August 31st, 2016

Scrambler Masakazu Imanari getting ready for Polaris Professional Jiu Jitsu Invitational 4 where he will face off against Denny Prokopos.

State of No Mind.



Scrambler Masakazu Imanari vs Denny Prokopos at Polaris 4

by Matt M ~ posted August 11th, 2016

Once again we are looking forward to sponsoring Polaris 4 with their upcoming show on the 29th October 2016. This will be held at the Lighthouse in Poole, Dorset, UK and will feature some of the best grapplers in the world competing in a supermatch format.

The first announced match is between the feared ‘Ashikan Judan’ Masakazu Imanari and Eddie Bravo’s first black belt; Denny Prokopos. This is sure to be an exciting match and we can’t wait to see some of the rest of the lineup planned.

You can find out more about Polaris by following them on Facebook, Instagram and watch some of the previous events on YouTube.

New Gi’s, much excite.

by Matt M ~ posted July 28th, 2016

We’re looking forward to getting these bad boys in stock very shortly.

The black standard issue is identical to the white standard issue with the same patch pack. Depending on how popular it is we may make different colourways in the future! IBJJF legal dependant on where the patches are placed.

The navy athlete 2 is made to the same specification as the other athlete’s and is a lightweight but durable gi ideal for competing in, and it’s IBJJF legal!

Scrambler Ben Dyson wins the Newaza Challenge London!

by Matt M ~ posted July 18th, 2016

A massive congratulations to Scrambler Ben Dyson who won the inaugural Newaza Challenge in London this weekend. This was an 8 man knockout, no-gi, no time limit, sub only tournament held at SENI 2016.

There were some great matches and some exciting finishes.

Full results:

Bradley Hill beats Arya Esfandmaz via verbal submission

Ben Dyson beats Sam Green via kimura.

Jamie Scott beats Michael Hawkins via heel hook.

Tom Breese gets a bye due to Paddy Pimblett being late.

Semi finals:

Ben Dyson beats Bradley Hill via Japanese necktie.

Tom Breese beats Jamie Scott via shoulder lock from the back.


Ben Dyson beats Tom Breese by kneebar in the final.


In a special superfight, Oliver Tazo beats Paddy Pimblett via heel hook.

Oli Geddes – Footlock Mastery

by Matt M ~ posted July 14th, 2016

Scrambler and Roger Gracie blackbelt; Oli Geddes has just released his Footlock mastery instructional.

As well as being a prolific competitor with over 600 tournament matches, Oli is one of the best instructors we know.

This instructional is based strictly on IBJJF legal techniques from white belt and above. For beginners, it’s a very good, detailed look at an often neglected submission technique. More advanced players will enjoy the positions Oli shows – including the 50/50, outside hook ankle lock and the overhook x-guard.

Check out some reviews below:


You can purchase by following the link below:


by Matt M ~ posted June 20th, 2016

You may remember we shared a story about Scrambler and USMC Veteran Robert ‘Cozmo’ Consulmagno and how training BJJ has helped him to manage his PTSD. We were excited to see the US Deptartment of Veterans Affairs share his story the other day as well as short video.

Tom Hardy Spotted in Scramble

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted October 30th, 2015

British actor Tom Hardy, famous for playing a load of flippin’ nutcases including Bane and Bronson, wore Scramble at a recent launch party for Triumph Motorcycles.

There were many high fives exchanged around Scramble HQ.

He’s wearing the Strong Beard t-shirt, which you can find here.



Rad Rollers are now in stock!

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted April 7th, 2015

The story of how we came to stock the Rad Roller range is a simple one.

In my daily life I am constantly battling sore muscles, either from jiu jitsu or from using the computer all day.

I had seen a post from Sally Arsenault on Facebook mentioning her review of the Rad Muscle Flushing Kit, which is a combination of the Rad Helix and Rad Rod.

I bought it, had it sent from the US to the UK, and started using it. It was literally the best tool I’ve ever used for this kind of thing. The Rad Rod is perfect for stripping away the points of tension not only in my muscles but also in the parts where the tendons and ligaments attach to the bone, which can get very sore for me. The Rad Helix was like a foam roller on steroids, able to get much deeper into my back than my regular foam roller.

I took the kit to the dojo, using it to roll out after class. Everyone wanted a go, and the universal response was that they were amazing bits of kit.

A few emails later, and we at Scramble can now proudly call ourselves stockists of Rad Rollers.

By putting more than one Rad Roller item in your cart, you’ll automatically unlock 10% off the total of your order.


So if you’re in the UK / Europe and you want to get your hands on some Rad Rollers, follow these links.

RAD Block - use for storing your RAD Rollers, and also allowing your more versatility in applying them

RAD Helix - It’s like a foam roller only a hundred times better.

RAD Rod - A myofascial release / muscle stripper that has to be tried to be believed.

RAD Roller - The original Rad Roller, perfect for relieving tight knots of muscle.

RAD Rounds - For extra targeted relief of knots wherever they are on your body.


Videos on using Rad Roller products