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by Matt M ~ posted June 20th, 2016

You may remember we shared a story about Scrambler and USMC Veteran Robert ‘Cozmo’ Consulmagno and how training BJJ has helped him to manage his PTSD. We were excited to see the US Deptartment of Veterans Affairs share his story the other day as well as short video.

Tom Hardy Spotted in Scramble

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted October 30th, 2015

British actor Tom Hardy, famous for playing a load of flippin’ nutcases including Bane and Bronson, wore Scramble at a recent launch party for Triumph Motorcycles.

There were many high fives exchanged around Scramble HQ.

He’s wearing the Strong Beard t-shirt, which you can find here.



Rad Rollers are now in stock!

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted April 7th, 2015

The story of how we came to stock the Rad Roller range is a simple one.

In my daily life I am constantly battling sore muscles, either from jiu jitsu or from using the computer all day.

I had seen a post from Sally Arsenault on Facebook mentioning her review of the Rad Muscle Flushing Kit, which is a combination of the Rad Helix and Rad Rod.

I bought it, had it sent from the US to the UK, and started using it. It was literally the best tool I’ve ever used for this kind of thing. The Rad Rod is perfect for stripping away the points of tension not only in my muscles but also in the parts where the tendons and ligaments attach to the bone, which can get very sore for me. The Rad Helix was like a foam roller on steroids, able to get much deeper into my back than my regular foam roller.

I took the kit to the dojo, using it to roll out after class. Everyone wanted a go, and the universal response was that they were amazing bits of kit.

A few emails later, and we at Scramble can now proudly call ourselves stockists of Rad Rollers.

By putting more than one Rad Roller item in your cart, you’ll automatically unlock 10% off the total of your order.


So if you’re in the UK / Europe and you want to get your hands on some Rad Rollers, follow these links.

RAD Block - use for storing your RAD Rollers, and also allowing your more versatility in applying them

RAD Helix - It’s like a foam roller only a hundred times better.

RAD Rod - A myofascial release / muscle stripper that has to be tried to be believed.

RAD Roller - The original Rad Roller, perfect for relieving tight knots of muscle.

RAD Rounds - For extra targeted relief of knots wherever they are on your body.


Videos on using Rad Roller products

[NEW PRODUCT] State of No Mind – Camo Drawstring Bag

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted April 1st, 2015

We’ve got a sneaky little new product for you today. The State of No Mind Camo drawstring bag is the follow up to our surprisingly successful Samurai Drawstring bag.

It’s like a gi bag, but made to a higher spec. Perfect for carrying around your training gear or just a couple of items, the bag is lightweight and durable and has various bag functions including (but not limited to)

- Opening and closing

- Wearing on your back

- Carrying stuff

- Being very bag-like

- Bag

- It’s a bag.

We hope you enjoy it.


Exciting news for all grapplers! Stocking Rad Roller soon

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted March 24th, 2015

As a grappler, and someone who spends a lot of time at my Stationary Computing Station / Matrix Connector Device (also known as a desk), I deal with a pretty good amount of aches and pains.

I’m always on the hunt for newer and better tools to help cope with sore muscles and aching joints.

My quest led me to the Rad Roller. I bought the muscle flushing kit direct from the USA, and once shipping and import taxes were factored in, it ended up costing quite a bit.

But what a revelation! The Helix roller is literally the best version of a foam roller I have ever used, and the Rad Rod strips muscles free of tension incredibly effectively. It’s a daily routine for me now. It helps me cope with RSI from using computers all day, as I am able to strip my forearms and the tendons around the elbow.

I took the kit to the gym and everyone who has tried it, has loved it.

With  that in mind, I approached Rad Roller direct, and we are now proud to announce that Scramble (UK / Europe store) will be stocking the Rad Roller range within the next couple of weeks.


Some videos on the Rad Rollers






[VIDEO] A quick close up of our new jackets

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted June 11th, 2014

We have on sale now, a couple of very special jackets.

Have a look at our “JACKETS” section to shop!

Important Note about our Kubi Bukuro backpack

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted April 22nd, 2014

A few months ago, we released the Kubi Bukuro backpack. It was almost as an experiment, (albeit one we took very seriously) to see how the BJJ / martial arts community would respond to a bag developed and produced by Scramble.

We put many weeks of work into refining the bag into something we would find useful as martial artists.

To our surprise and excitement, the bag stock basically sold out within the first couple of weeks.

As we do with all products, we put the samples through vigorous testing. We used the bags for training, taking things back and forth to the office, including multiple gis, laptops, lunchboxes and the severed heads of our enemies. The samples held up great. The first sample I used many months ago is still going strong today. We ventured into full production and sold all the bags.

Unfortunately it seemed a not insignificant percentage of the bags went on to experience some kind of technical fault. Ever since the bags were sold out, we get emails every day asking when they will be back in stock. The answer is, when we have fixed them.

We have now fixed the two main issues (weakness in the shoulder strap and the rubber zip pulls.) We now have a very limited amount of improved stock which we are going to use to replace the bags of every customer who contacted us with issues. Once those customers are looked after, we will take full delivery of a batch of improved bags and put them up for sale again.

It should be noted that most customers had absolutely no problem with their bags.

We will announce when the new stock for general sale is available in the next few weeks.



Everything you need to know about looking after your Scramble gear – clothing, rash guards, jiu jitsu kimonos

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted March 26th, 2014

We’re writing this post to summarise some questions people have about buying, owning and caring for Scramble merchandise.

This includes looking after your jiu jitsu kimono, looking after your rash wear, and looking after your clothing.

It also covers our general returns / exchanges policy.

Firstly, what to do when you receive your Scramble goods.

1) Check that we have sent out the correct size / colour / model. Sometimes, mistakes happen. We’re often overloaded keeping the unicorns fed and / or training wrestling with Siberian mountain ligers and thus our attention can waver when packing bags. If you find anything immediately wrong, email us.

2) Check that the size you ordered, is right for you. If you take it out of the bag and the size is clearly wrong, email us.


Now you have got the right goods in the right size and the right colour. Have a check for loose threads. I’m going to break some important news to you now. If you get a loose thread, you can take a sharp pair of scissors and snip it off. That’s it. We sometimes get emails where people want exchanges because of something as simple as a loose thread. Don’t get me wrong – we bend over backwards to keep our customers happy, it’s part of what gives us job satisfaction (that, and the huge swimming pool filled with gold coins that we spend most of the day diving into). But asking for a return on something so small is counter-productive for all involved. Please take some ownership over the products you buy. C’mon people, you practice jiu jitsu. You can snip a few loose threads off. Don’t be scared, homie.

Of course, if there are faults in the product, stitching is way off, or an arm is stitched where a leg should be, or we printed our logo upside down / inside out, email us straight away. We stand by the quality of our products and it’s never a gamble when you buy from us – you will get the product you wanted, even if we need to replace it for you. If you ask around you should find stories of how we look after our customers. Even if you’ve used it, if it didn’t stand up to expectations, we will help you out.

It’s a good idea, too, to wash the product before you first use it. This can help get out any dust or dirt that may have settled on the garment during production or transport, and can also make sure there is not any ink or anything like that that may not have set or dried perfectly into the garment. (Sublimation printing is a tricky business.) Always wash on a low temperature and with similar colours.

We also recommend that you contact us before you take extreme close up photographs and write a blog about a fault. Nine (sometimes ten) times out of ten, if you have a fault and email us, we will simply replace the product for you. If you find a fault, buy the domain, publish eleventy hundred megabyte photographs (with annotations) of the fault, and then share the link on Sherdog, the Underground, and facebook, but don’t contact us, then we won’t be able to help you.


Looking after your rash guard / spats / vale tudo shorts / “Lycra” stuff. 

Our rash wear is made from a blend of polyester and elasthene. Some brands say they have Lycra in, but I bet they don’t. Lycra is a registered trade mark for a type of spandex / elasthene.  Not to give away too many trade secrets, but over the years, we have refined the material into what we feel is the best balance of weight, strength, and receptiveness to ink. To put things very basically, polyester (as we understand it) is made of short fibres. Those short fibres are liable to “pilling”. This is when small white bobbles of fabric work themselves out of the main panel of fabric. This happens during training. You can lessen the likelihood of it happening by using higher quality polyester with special treatments applied (like we do.) But, it will happen eventually. There is no way around it. Ways to avoid this pilling include:

1) Avoid velcro. Velcro just loves pulling out the little polyester fibres and can completely ruin a pair of spats or a rash guard. Do not wash your spats or rash guard next to a pair of MMA shorts with velcro strips.

2) Wash inside a delicates net. Just throw your rash wear into one of those nets and it will stop the threads and the polyester from getting torn up in the washing machine.

3) Don’t train, simply put the spats or rash guard in a frame and hang on your wall. This will keep them looking brand new for hundreds of years! Bonus: you’ll also be called a weirdo by your friends.

4) Watch our for loose threads. When we train, our training wear takes serious punishment. Snipping off a loose thread can stop damage from multiplying.


Looking after your Scramble jiu jitsu gi.

There are many, many articles out there talking about how to wash and look after gis. Have a google. Here are a couple of extra tips that I have picked up over the years.

1) Should I put vinegar on my gi to set the colour / kill the demons living on it?

I occasionally use vinegar. I use it to banish the evil spirits that can start to lurk on a gi that is getting on in age. I do not believe that it is possible to damage your gi with vinegar, so I don’t mind recommending it. Sometimes I will wash the gi once and let it dry. Then, soak it overnight in a bathtub filled with water and approximately a shit load of white vinegar thrown in. Drain the next day and wash again, your gi should have a new lease of life. Some people also use vinegar to set colours – I am not sure if this works or not. But never in my experience has vinegar damaged a gi. And once you wash it, the smell is gone.

2) Should I put it in on hot then tumble dry it, then have a steamroller drive over it and throw it out of a moving plane?

No. I have never washed a gi on hot or tumble dried it. Except once when I was staying in Tokyo and my gi came out looking like a Miyao brothers gi (sleeves by my elbows, trouser cuffs by my knees) and with bobbles on it. I do not recommend washing your gi in hot water or tumble drying it, except if you want to shrink it, and even then, it’s at your own risk.

I can also recommend you washing your gi inside out occasionally. You sweat on the inside, so that’s the part that needs washing.

The best way to dry a gi is to hang it up in the sunshine. If, like me, you live in the UK and never see the sun, then hanging it up outside in the cold, cold wind is also acceptable. The weak sun rays may just penetrate the cloud cover for a split second and provide some drying power.

A quick note about shrinkage:

Gold weave shrinks more than twill/drill, which shrinks more than pearl weave, which shrinks more than ripstop. Ripstop won’t shrink much due to the density of the weave (I think.) Conversely gold weave is often quite loosely woven and so will experience shrinking more.

We’ve also had people in the past who find the gi fits perfectly but the trousers are an inch too long. (quick aside: remember, the gi that fits you horribly, might fit the next customer perfectly. Please remember that next time you update your blog on and tell everyone that we have the worst fitting gis of all time.) All you need to do, is find a tailor (in the UK, most dry cleaners also offer alterations) and get them to take up the trousers. Explain to them that it’s martial arts so they need to double or triple stitch them. Et voila, your gi now fits you perfectly, and you get the sense of satisfaction from having fixed it yourself (instead of sending the gi back to us and being miserable.)

Caring for your Scramble apparel

Most of our garments come with a care label, but as a general rule of thumb:

1) Wash low. This reduces the risk of shrinkage and colour leakage.

2) Wash with like colours.

3) Do not iron over prints or decorations

4) Read passages from hard-hitting biographies or beatnik literature at least twice a day to your Scramble garments. Ensure that the garment is in front of the computer for at least an hour a day checking YouTube for BJJ instructionals.


I think that about covers it.

Everything you need to know about the Scramble Made in Japan “Yamato Black Label” gi

by Matt - Scramble ~ posted February 25th, 2014

On Friday the 28th of February we will release for pre-order our first kimono to be made in Japan.

The name of this Brazilian jiu jitsu gi is the Scramble “Yamato Black Label” kimono.

It will be hand made, to order, in Japan.


The specifications are:

- 100% Japanese cotton top and bottoms – hardly any shrinkage, and the best balance of strength and lightness

- Soft and lightweight – you’ve never felt anything as comfortable in a gi

- Ultra high quality embroidery and woven / printed patches – with many times the detail usually seen on a kimono

- Hand-made in Japan – incredible attention to detail with straight stitching and no loose stitches

- Limited availability – this gi will never be made again

- Each and every gi comes in a specially made bag

- Collectors Editions available – with extra items (included below)




The Fit

On paper, our partners in Japan have followed the same sizing guidelines we used for the Athlete kimono. However, with a different team using different materials, the resulting cut is slightly different. Over many costly and time-consuming samples we have refined the cut further. The final result is a gi that approximately follows the sizes you are used to with a Scramble kimono, but with a slightly less tailored fit. In addition, the gi will shrink far less than other models due to the quality of the Japanese cotton. So the gi will not shrink down to create the tailored fit. It will, however, eventually shrink over time (and of course due to the organic nature of the material, some gis will experience more shrinkage than others.)

Sizes available: A1, A2, A3, A4.


The Production Time

The estimated production time is THREE MONTHS. Please do not buy this kimono if you are in a hurry to own it or you are not familiar with the kind of delays and adjusted arrival dates of pre-order items. There is a possibility that some orders may be shipped in advance, on a first come, first served basis. There is also a possibility the gis may arrive late, due to manufacturing problems, material availability, volcanoes or the apocalypse. Again, please do not buy if you are not prepared to wait. (It will be worth it though!)



The pre-order will start from the morning of the 28th of February, and run for a few days.


The Materials

Japanese gis are built and described differently to those usually made in Pakistan. I would equate the jacket material as roughly equivalent to a lightweight, ultra soft pearl weave of around 400gsm. The trousers are cotton, not ripstop, and of medium thickness.


The Cost & the Packages Available

Scramble “Yamato Black Label” Made in Japan Kimono

£199.99 GBP / $335 USD / ¥34,000 JPY


Scramble “Yamato Black Label” Made in Japan Kimono – Limited Collector’s Edition Package (only 20 available)

£349.99 GBP  - ONLY AVAILABLE TO BUY FROM THE UK / WORLD STORE (which DOES ship worldwide.)


The Extras

Scramble Yamato Black Label bracelet, hand made by Enson Inoue.

We have 20 of these very special items, made for us by Japanese MMA legend Enson Inoue, through his company Destiny Forever. Each bracelet comes in a presentation pouch with a signed and sealed message from Enson himself. Proceeds from the sales of these items go towards various humanitarian causes that Enson helps. Currently that mostly consists of increasing to raise awareness of the plight of the thousands of people still suffering from the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in the 2011 Tohoku earthquake.


Scramble Ikka Mon (Scramble Family Crest) Sterling Silver Necklace

These very special items are being made to order for us by a friend in a small-batch factory in Thailand. They are sterling silver and measure two centimetres wide. The front features a crest done in the traditional Japanese style, often found as pins, pendants or emblems on Japanese underground groups / organisations. The rear says “Scramble Ikka”, which means Scramble Family in Japanese.

Where to buy

The Yamato Black Label will be available at:


Scramble (UK / WORLD) Scramble “Yamato Black Label” Made in Japan Kimono & Scramble “Yamato Black Label” Made in Japan Kimono – Limited Collector’s Edition Package (only 20 available)

Scramble (USA) Scramble “Yamato Black Label” Made in Japan Kimono ONLY

Bull Terrier (JAPAN) Scramble “Yamato Black Label” Made in Japan Kimono ONLY


Please note the Limited Collector’s Edition Package will only be available from the UK store, but we do ship worldwide.

Coffee and Chokes

by William Wayland ~ posted December 6th, 2013

Ah Coffee, apparently 75% of Americans drink the stuff, we Brits are still very much addicted to tea, but coffee culture has taken hold here is not going to let go anytime soon! Both tea and coffee share a commonality: the substance caffeine. A white crystalline xanthine alkaloid that is a psychoactive stimulant, caffeine, found in varying quantities in the beans, leaves, and fruit of some plants. And humans for the longest time have been using it as convenient ‘boost’ for millennia. It’s been studied extensively,  alertness, cognitive and cancer fighting properties are all benefits.

To celebrate the release of Scramble’s Coffee and Chokes rashguard we have put together a caffeine themed post for you guys!

The International Olympic Committee for sometime listed caffeine as a restricted drug. However it the banned amount you would need to drink 8-10 regular cups of coffee. In 2004 WADA took it off the banned list, it is simply unfeasible to consume so much caffeine and not have crippling side effects. A study performed testing 3,6,9 mg/kg of bodyweight showed that doses about 6mg/kg of bodyweight are just not worth the side effects! So for you coffee consumers anything over 300mg would be a waste. So how much is in your cup?

Whats in my cup?

Cup of coffee ranges from 80-220mg depending on size

Large americano from a typical coffee chain 360mg

Cup of Tea 40-60mg

Cola 34mg

Red Bovine flight enabling drink 80mg

Caffine tablet proplus etc 100mg

Once in the brain, the principal mode of action is as a non-selective antagonist of adenosine receptors. Caffeine activates noradrenaline neurons and serotonin neurons. Caffeine also is a diuretic, this means it makes a person make more urine (the waste liquid a person makes). Caffeine is absorbed by the stomach and small intestine within 30-45 minutes. In healthy adults, caffeine’s half-life is approximately 4.9 hours. Consuming 1000-1500mg a day (I’m looking at you Scramble head honchos) constitutes caffeinism. Effectively caffeine addiction, those of you who are serious mud jockey’s will know all too well the monkey on your back when you miss your morning cup! Which brings me on to side effects.

The Sides
As with any ergogenic aid often, excess or dependence is always amounts to a bad experience. I’ve worked with athletes in the past who on top of their training, consume 6-8 cups of coffee a day resulting on adrenal glands that I’m sure probably resembled raisins. Many of you have probably experienced jitters, sleeplessness. But more serious side effects involved GI problems, dizziness, high blood pressure, nausea, cramping. And in total excess, zig zagging lights and ringing in the ears. Extreme overdose can result in death dose needed would be 14000mg. Or around 39 large americano’s.

What can it do for me?

Things to know for the athlete

Consumption of caffeine does not eliminate the need for sleep; it only temporarily reduces the sensation of being tired

Studies have shown improvement in endurance sports ranging from 7-50% with doses as high as 630mg

Has been shown to increase glycogen storage post exercise up to 60%

Has been shown to improve memory tasks

The ingestion of caffeine will increase the level of circulating fatty acids in the bloodstream, which permits these fat stores to be oxidized, or burned, as fuel

Ingestion of 400mg of caffeine can prevent delayed onset of muscle soreness in resistance trained men

Pallarés JG, Fernández-Elías VE, Ortega JF, Muñoz G, Muñoz-Guerra J, Mora-Rodríguez R. (2013) Neuromuscular Responses to Incremental Caffeine Doses: Performance and Side Effects. Med Sci Sports Exerc.
Hurley CF, Hatfield DL, Riebe DA. (2013) The effect of caffeine ingestion on delayed onset muscle soreness. J Strength Cond Res.

Practical usage

Caffeine usage can be benefical to an athlete or anyone looking for a boost when they feel like they are flagging. My personal recommendations are, do not consume any after 3pm, do not use caffeine to make up for poor nutritional habits. Anything greater than 300mgs is a waste of time. It can be useful all a weight cutting aid two fold, 1 because it is an diuretic and 2 because of the energy boost and fat burning qualities. However be aware of the negative effects on blood pressure and hydration. If used sparingly you can get more out of caffeine supplementation.

One way I recommend using it for tired athletes is drinking it prior to a 20 minute nap, set an alarm and then get up, the nap should make you feel restful by which point the caffeine should start kicking in. Selective usage for those of you that have to resistance train very early in the morning maybe useful, as it has been shown to make morning strength levels comparable to afternoon levels (mainly due to hormonal and structural changes that take place during the day. So go on and get your coffee and choke (lift) on.

Pro Fighter Sean Carter knows the value of a power nap!
This is an ongoing series of articles from guest blogger and Strength & Conditioning coach William Wayland of Powering Through.